"If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart"

- Arab Proverb  

How we help?

If you are reading this website from a computer at work, home or school, it means that you live above the breadline. It also means that you have now been challenged to be a leader.

South Africa has the starkest contrast between rich and poor in the world. That means that of all the people on earth, we are best positioned to make a real difference in the communities around us. This is a real calling to leadership.

At Clothing4Children, we don't think small. Nor does our faith underestimate what is possible. Our ultimate goal, quite simply, is to clothe 15 million souls. That is 150 Soccer City stadiums filled to the brim with 100 000 people each time, or, if you prefer, 150 sold out U2 concerts!

We can achieve this goal if just 1.5 million people donate only 1 full bag of clothing each. It is completely attainable.

So spread the word. Light the fire. Get your school involved and gather your old clothes. These garments are packed into seven disposable bags, which are brought to the school to be weighed and sorted. By partnering with various churches and organisations, the clothes are then distributed to those in need across our country. And so, lives are changed.

We are partnering with ttt4c to help us connect schools, chrurches and needy communities.

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